We are a brand new free company welcoming all types of players. New, returning and veterans are welcome to join. We aim to recruit players who need a fresh start in the game, a home, and most importantly a place for players to build the positive community they wish to partake in. Your presence matters, your needs, and your requests will not be put off and attended to as a priority. You will be taken care of and your opinions will be valued.

The FC:

Our Focus:
Although we are a Brand new Free Company, our goal is to build a close-knit family with members who enjoy the game for what it is and to build positivity and growth. Our theme for the community is Teamwork, Loyalty, Honor. This will always be upheld regardless of what our emotions may become, our motto is always putting the community's needs first before anything else happens to always maintain & establish a strong commitment bond with each other.

FC Events:
Got something to share in mind? Please let us know about it, we appreciate your feedback.

Free Company:
This FC is RP-friendly. Even if we are doing content for story progression, If you would like to roleplay, It is highly welcomed. This FC has plans to do content such as maps, mount Farming, casual strolls around resident towns, making new friends, glamour fun, housing events, and many more to come. You can play the game how you enjoy playing it and write your own story within the FC community. Each milestone that is met will be awarded celebratory events to give back to members for everything they have done. Participation is honored.

Offers & Benefits:
➛You wish to become a Crafter, but lack the mats & crystals to do so? No problem! Lets us take care of that for you by fetching them for you.
➛Stuck on a Trial boss [Extreme] and need a Clear? No problem, Let's gather a party and get you that clear!
➛Have questions about the game? No problem, Ask away what your heart desires, There's no such thing as a dumb question.
➛Confused about a Job class? No Problem. Let's walk you through it to see which job class suits your cup of Tea.
➛Company Buffs will always be on 24/7. Your Desired buffs.

If this sounds like the FC for you, please submit an application in-game. This community is built for players to take a break from the overdose of drama in life and be part of a Friendly productive FC. You may also reach out to any player in-game with the <Realm> tag if you have any questions and would like to know more about us. We look forward to adventuring with you!

The Team

Creator of the FC: Raiden Toshiro
Co-Creator/Flare: Finia Alderic
We're currently looking for a team to run this FC. DM Raiden Toshiro or Finia Alderic for more info.

Contact Us

Free free to join our discord or DM Raiden Toshiro or Finia Alderic on Balmung if interested in this Free company!